Saturday, 17 February 2007

Yellow-browed Warbler, Hawley. 10th Feb 2007

Finally i get round to going to Hawley, Hants in the search for the Yellow-browed Warbler which is a species I've never seen before, this bird in particular has been seen since the 28th December 2006 behind a Industrial estate near the River Blackwater.Parking up at Admiralty Way Industrial estate the first thing to be heard was a Goldcrest calling and it was soon seen catching small flies as it clung to the Ivy which was growing around a Birch tree.Crossing over the bridge which straddles the River Blackwater the Yellow-browed Warbler soon appeared feeding in the ivy clad trees and Dogwood that encumbers the riverside, it was feeding on the abundance of small flies that were present along the river and only stopped to chase Goldcrests round the bushes.It didn't stay still for too long but gave really close views and there seemed to be a good number of Goldcrests present.
At home a Red Kite was perched on the fallen Walnut tree next to our cottage, i was interested to see a stick clenched in it's talons and would presume that nest building may have already begun.On a similar note i watched a pair of Coal Tits getting fruity last weekend in the trees by our garden.

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