Friday, 6 April 2007

Woolhampton GP, Berks. 5th April 2007.

I headed back to Woolhampton GP this afternoon hoping to catch up with the elusive Garganeys. I was in luck as both were sat quietly on the pond next to the larger pits. Both male and female were asleep but very wary of any unwanted attention and often made their way to the other side of the pond to hide amongst the reeds. While watching them a Goldcrest made an appearance as it made it's way around the Ivy on some nearby trees, 2 Chiffchaffs could be heard calling from the surrounding woods and later 2 Cetti's Warblers burst in to song from the surrounding reedbeds. Finally the Gargeneys woke up and slowly made their way across the pond, reaching the edge of the reeds the female got in amongst them and started to feed, the male on the other hand patrolled the waters edge where the female was feeding, the males striking white eyestripe was dazzling in the afternoon sun and it clearly stood out amongst the Tufted and Mallard Duck, a female Gadwall was also present. It is presumed that the Garganeys are a pair and although i didn't witness any mating behavior they never left each others side. They continued to fed through the reeds before going out of sight.
Making my way back to the car a number of Skylark were calling from the fields alongside the track, A male Yellowhammer was calling from the top of the bushes and a small flock of Reed Buntings flushed from the hedgerow and headed across the fields.
Added to my year list.
124. Garganey

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