Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Lapland Bunting (Calcarius lapponicus) - Dorney Lakes, Bucks. 27th Oct 2008.

The Lapland Bunting that was first reported at Dorney Lakes on the 20th Oct was still present late afternoon today. I watched it briefly from the causeway as it searched for food along the edge of the shingle/waters edge between the 500m & 750m markers on the reserve side with 10 Meadow Pipits. It soon took flight with the flock of Meadow Pipits and circled above the return lake and disappeared into the long grass on the top of the ridge, within 10 minutes the flock took to the air again and flew to the long grass/ridge on the reserve side at the 1000m marker where they remained until I left at sunset. As I was leaving a few more Meadow Pipits dropped into the tussock grass on the edges of the Rowing Lake where I presume they were going to roost.

Added To My Year List.

213. Lapland Bunting

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