Thursday, 26 February 2009

Waxwings - Henley on Thames, Oxon. 26/02/2009

I was in Henley on Thames this afternoon to take a look at some gardening work I've been asked to do and whilst chatting with the owner I could hear an unmistakable "trilling" noise coming from nearby. Knowing the call to be Waxwings I was itching to get back to my car and grab my binoculars and after explaining what I could hear we both wandered round the house to find 12 perched in a tree top on the south east corner of Damer Gardens(SU762817). Just as I got them in view 2 Wood Pigeons flew in to the tree flushing the Waxwings which hastily flew over our heads calling with their trilling "sirrrr", they then headed off in a northerly direction and out of sight.

As I grew up in the area I know it very well and searched all of the known berry bushes including the train station, supermarket car parks and the old Woolworth's car park where I first spotted the invasion flock in February 2005, despite checking many locations I had no luck in relocating them. I returned to Damer Gardens in the hope they had returned but there wasn't any sign of them. Most of the berry trees in the area are now bare so I'm not sure if there likely to hang around long.

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