Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Inca the Peruvian Striped Owl.


Say Hello to Inca the Peruvian Striped Owl and whom I’ve had the pleasure of looking after recently. Inca is a captive Owl.

Peruvian Striped Owls are a Medium sized owl with prominent ear tufts. Large pale facial disk, bordered with black. Cinnamon-buff above streaked with black, whitish or buff below with bold dark streaks and dark brown eyes. In the wild the grow to 30-38cm, 320-500g

Peruvian Striped Owls distribution range is from S Mexico through South America east of Andes to N Argentina and Uruguay apart from Amazon basin. Also some Caribbean Islands. Their preferred habitat is Open and semi-open grassland with trees, also open woodland, forest edge, plantations, air strips and rice fields. They avoid heavy rain/tropical forest. Their diet consists of Small mammals, birds, reptiles and large insects.

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