Sunday, 10 February 2008

Wallaby - 31st January 2008.

Driving back from Henley-on-Thames along the A4155 late afternoon I had a rather unusual sighting as I approached Benhams Lane SU767853. I noticed something sitting upright next to the bus stop on the Management college side of the road so I slowed down to a crawl and was surprised to see a Wallaby sat in the grass, a car soon came along the road behind me and I was forced to drive on. Okay I know what you're thinking, Bullsh*t but it's not as crazy as it sounds as the nearby McAlpines estate has a number of exotic animals on the grounds which have a tendency to escape now and again. My first encounter came in June 2004 along Icehouse Lane near Toad Hall Garden Centre when a certain individual was seen in the same location a number of times.

I recall a close friend thinking I was mad when I told him that I had seen a Wallaby near Fawley as we drove to the Warburg Nature Reserve one afternoon, I parked the car up and pointed out the spot where I had found it in a field near an old shed, I don't think he was really taking me seriously until a head popped up out of the long grass and a Wallaby sat there looking at us. We watched it for 5 minutes before it hopped out of sight.

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