Sunday, 9 March 2008

Glaucous Gull - Little Marlow Gp's, Bucks. 1st March 2008.

Glaucous Gull-1st Winter Juvenile.

A juvenile Glaucous Gull was found at Little Marlow Gp's, Bucks mid-morning so a quick change of plans saw me heading towards Marlow in search of this scarce winter visiting Gull. Scanning through the Gulls on the spit it took me awhile to find the Glaucous Gull due to the fact it was hidden behind the rest of the Gulls preening. It showed intermittently and it wasn't until a large number of Gulls took to the air that it could be seen a bit clearer, this large Gull which breeds in Iceland showed the large pink bill with black tip, pink legs and a buff oatmeal colour to it's plumage making it a first winter juvenile. This is the first time I've seen a Glaucous Gull and i was delighted to see it as by the following day it had departed.

Added To My Year & Life List.

115. Glaucous Gull

297. Glaucous Gull

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