Saturday, 3 May 2008

April's Local Sightings

Chaffinch, Great & Blue Tits continued to visit regularly as both Coal & Long Tailed Tit sightings have declined throughout the month, the single Marsh Tit & 2 Nuthatches are continuing to visit the feeders on a regular basis. A male Blackcap appeared in the garden on the 8th, using the bird bath to drink from it remained around the garden for a couple of days before disappearing, possibly the same bird can be heard occasionally singing nearby. Another single Chiffchaff passed through the garden remaining for a day before moving on.

Regular visits from our male pheasant who now has 5 females in tow, still using the bird feeders and now trying to perch on the seed trays attached to the feeders. A pair of Red-legged Partridges have also been seen on occasion around the garden and surrounding fields.

Throughout the month both male & female Sparrowhawks have been regular sightings in and around the garden as have a pair of Kestrels that are often seen perched and hunting around the garden.

A pair of Jackdaws have taken up residence in one of the old apple trees and have again nested in the bottom of the trunk, Blue tits have also found a small hole in an Apple tree to start a family in and have been busy gathering nesting material. Both Robin & Blackbird have also been busy collecting nest material from around the garden.

My first Cuckoo of the year was heard calling from near Rockwell End on the 19th.
The end of the month saw a single Barn Owl at the top of Shogmoor Lane perched on the fence posts next to the bench and another near Luxters Farm.


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