Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Goldcrest (Regulus regulus) 07/04/09

Male-Goldcrest (Regulus regulus)

I got a bit of a surprise on Tuesday evening when a couple of friends arrived a the door with a bird they had found unconscious in the road at a nearby village. Un-cupping his hands he showed me what they had found and I was shocked to see a Goldcrest sat in his palm.

It was obviously stunned as it sat quietly in my hands not moving, I checked the wings, body and feet for damage which all seemed fine. It was a male and at first it seemed a bit dazed when I put it down on the top of a chest height tool shed where it sat hunched up but all of a sudden it came to life, flew back to me landing on my t-shirt and then flitted up to my shoulder where it perched. I was pleased to see it could fly although it was a still a bit unsteady on it's legs and after removing it from my shoulders I decided to release him as quickly as possible. I placed him carefully on the tool shed where after 10 seconds he sat up and flew over to a row of evergreens where he started to search for food amongst the bows. I stood next to the tree and watched him closely to make sure he didn't have any problems, he continued to flit between the bows just inches away from me stopping every so often to stretch his wings and preen. I was just about to leave him to it when he flew out of the tree and on to my head, then down on to my chest where he clung to my fleece leaving a little message on my sleeve before returning back to the tree bows. I managed to get a short clip of him before I left him to it.

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What a wonderful experience!