Monday, 29 January 2007

Up On The Downs. 28th Jan 2007

Up to the Berkshire Downs today and as usual for the weather on the downs at this time of year it was windy, so much so that it soon drowned out any bird song.
The first birds seen along the Ridgeway were 2 Yellowhammers shortly followed by a flock of 80+ Golden Plover as they wheeled over the fields.A flock of 40 or so Corn Bunting appeared from out of the fields and perched in a number of bushes along the pathway and as the wind died down for a matter of seconds their "key jangling" call could be heard before they took to the air again and headed off in to the stubble fields. Further down the path a pair of Stonechats were sat on the fence posts and 2 Red Kites soared above in the wind,moments later a small flock of Meadow Pipits took to the air and struggled as the fought the strength of the wind which seemed to carry them off in the wrong direction.Looking out across the Ridgeway a flock of 40 or so Stock Doves were flying across the downs before coming to rest in a field and 2 Grey Partridges flushed from next to the pathway flying low over the fields and out of sight.Sadly no sign of any Owls.

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