Thursday, 25 January 2007

Moor Green. 25th Jan 2007



Barnacle & Canada Geese

On a cold but sunny day i made my way over to Eversley to visit Moor Green Lakes LNR, Moor green is always a good site for Goosander in Winter and there's always a chance of seeing Little Egret.As i walked down the track towards the hide i could hear Geese calling from the fields next to the gravel works so i crossed over the path to scan the fields, as i peered through the hedgerow and out across the fields a large flock of Canada Geese were feeding in the fields with a small flock of Barnacle Geese and a single dark morph Snow Goose.The Barnacles and Snow Goose are believed to be feral(escapee) and have been visiting Moor green for sometime now.Continuing along the path i scanned the lakes but all was very quiet no sign of Goosander or Little Egret further down the path i soon realised why, work was being undertaken to clear the scrub and give some excellent viewing areas across the lakes which should improve viewing immensely.
As i reached Grove lake a Green Woodpecker flew in to the trees and perched on the trunk but was quickly ushered on by a pair of squabbling Jays.On the lake a male and female Goosander patrolled the waters edge and before long they were joined by another male.Wigeon, Pochard, Tufted Duck and Mallard were present in good numbers, a few Cormorants were also present.As i walked back towards the car park i finally spotted a Little Egret stalking it's prey in the shallows.
After leaving Moor green i headed just up the road to Finchampstead Ridges, this is a reliable place to see Goldcrest and Firecrest during Winter.As i pulled up in the car a fellow birder pointed me in the direction of the Firecrest which was flitting through the bushes alongside the road,2 Goldcrest's were also in the same bush.

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