Friday, 25 April 2008

Dotterel (Charadrius morinellus) - Bury Down, Berks. 25th April 2008.


Mid-afternoon I received the news from the excellent Berksbirds website that a male Dotterel had been found on Bury Down, Berkshire, a quick call to Roy Rose and I was off heading towards the M4. A quick stop off to pick up Roy and we were on our way to Bury Down, on arrival at the car park a single Corn Bunting was perched on a fence post and moments later a flock of Linnets passed over.

We met up with both Ken Moore and Roger Stansfield who had been watching the Dotterel and after a few pleasantries we headed off West from the car park. We soon met up with a number of birders viewing the Dotterel and were soon watching it as it scurried about on the field. Despite close views the bird would often dissapear on the undulating field before coming in to sight again. By the following morning Jerry O'Brien had found 4 Dotterel, 3f & 1m which soon departed and were not relocated by 07:15. This is the same location as the 2004 Dotterel and another good record for Berkshire, the last record of Dotterel in Berkshire was in 2005 when 2 male & 1 female were found at Burnthouse Lane.

After braving the cold winds that blew across the downs we decided to head to Theale Main Pit. We soon found a Nightingale singing in the hedgerow and after listening to it for sometime we headed towards the pylon hearing both Chiffchaff & Willow Warbler singing nearby, as we stood and watched the bramble thicket a male Blackcap appeared at the top of a bushes before dropping back into the undergrowth. Walking back to the entrance we stopped again to listen to the Nightingale, while listening a Chiffchaff flitted through the bushes followed closely by a female Blackcap, we watched them closely as they followed each other through the bushes and then I noticed another bird in close attendance, It was soon evident that it was a Garden warbler and probably gave the best views i have had as it slowly made it's way up through the undergrowth and in to view.

Added To My Year List

147. Corn Bunting

148. Dotterel

149. Nightingale

150. Garden Warbler

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